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What happens on an initial site survey with Milestone Homes and Lofts?

We often get asked what happens during the first site survey, and what are the following steps.

1 - Quick chat

As this is the time we've met, we'll have a quick chat about you, your home and he project you have in mind.

2 - Measure & Check Viability

Based on this we'll then review the sections of your home which are relevant, e.g. inside the loft or the area outside for the a home extension and so on. The first question is to determine is if the project is viable, e.g. is there is sufficient space or head height to complete your home project. If so, we'll then take some base measurements ready for the next steps. We'll also take a couple of photographs to help later as we continue to discuss your project.

3 - Review Options

Assuming your project is viable, then we can sit down and discuss whats options you do or don't have, and these will be explained to you. A great example, is the loft might not have a enough head height to convert in a traditional way, but we may well be able to offer a roof lift loft conversion instead. More information about roof lifts here.

We then confirm what option(s) you would like to know more about, and we'll agreed a base idea so we can calculate you a cost.

4 - Question Time

We never want to "sell" anything to you, so we won't give you awful and predictable sales pitches about three for two offers or ask you to make any commitments. Instead, we'll let you ask whatever questions you have about your home project or what you'd like to know about us. If you want to read about in advance, then try one of these pages form our website:

5 - Next Steps

Now we've get all the information we need and explained anything else you'd like to understand, we'll leave you to your day. We'll then get to work and pull together an initial proposal for your to review. You'll then be invited to ask any further question you have.

In addition, the proposal will also have a recommended next steps to move your projects forward, e.g. to arrange for architectural design drawings.

Do we charge for all the above?

For anyone in our primary catchment area, then this is done free of charge and at no obligation whats so ever. If you are outside out main working area, then there is a small charge dependant upon distance. For more information about this, please give a call to discuss your project.


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