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3D Architectural Drawings & Design Services

Understanding your project is key to a successful loft conversion, raised roof lift, home extension or any major home renovation or building work.

Getting a good architect is key to getting the best from your home project. This is even more critical for roof spaces. Understanding all the elements is key to the best outcome. That is why we only offer 3D drawing services, as 2 dimensional drawings can never convey how a loft and roof slopes effect the space. 

Plus at no extra cost you get a 3D virtual walkthrough so you can view from the comfort of your own home. This allows you to explore the new layout and work out works and what doesn't for you in the design.


A Good Architect Can Make Or Break Your Home or Loft Conversion Project

Milestone Homes & Lofts offers a full range of  architectural services. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated. Have a look at a few of our features below and get in touch to learn more about what Milestone Homes & Lofts can do for you.


Experienced Loft Architect

Our architect has been working with us for years. He also comes with a great  knowledge and understanding around both the structural needs of a loft and the regulations. As a former Building Control Officer he understands what it takes to deliver a successful loft design.


Precision Equipment

Traditional architects will often bring along no more than a pen, paper and tape measure. However, we go a lot further and often we use some of the latest laser measuring equipment. This ensures we know your project is accurate and the design will be fit for purpose.

Gables Roof Lift - Living Room.jpg

Free 3D Walkthrough

One of the biggest advantages, is we offer a full 3D service. You not only get the traditional 2D drawing, but you also get 3D representative drawings, and a free virtual walkthrough.  You will receive a link to view your home virtually from the comfort of your own home

Roof Lift External Dormer.jpg

Loft Conversion - Your 3D Virtual Walkthrough

Visualizing your new loft conversion is much more difficult than a standard home renovation, especially when so many walls are not vertical.


Here is a sample walkthrough for a bungalow loft conversion with a raised roof, creating three rooms and a large bathroom with shower and bath.


Our architectural services offer a full 3D service. As well as your standard flat 2D drawings and floor plans of your loft conversion or roof lift, you also get 3D rendered drawings showing the materials being used and, most importantly, a full 3D virtual walk-through of your new roof space.


All our customers receive a link to go online and view their home renovation project, allowing them to review the project in 3D from the comfort of their own home. This helps you to truly understand your new loft space and get a true feel for the amount of space we can create.


It also helps you start to plan how you can use the space, where you have wardrobe or built-in storage, or the best place for a desk, so we can plan your electrical layout with confidence. I'm sure you can think about a million more reasons this helps when it comes to planning your dream loft conversion.


3D Virtual Walkthroughs vs Complete Project

Here are some great examples of a recently completed project. The loft conversion examples really do show how accurate the 3D walkthrough is when directly compared to the final delivered project.

3D Visual

Loft Bedroom
3D Walkthrough

On the left is the 3D render view, facing the rear dormer from within the room. You'll see it even shows the sunlight coming through the windows.

The completed room is all but identical to the walkthrough. It's ready to decorate and finished flooring. The central windows are French windows, so you can take in that beautiful view over the valley.

Loft Bedroom - 3D vs Actual View From The Dormer

This walkthrough snapshot of the loft conversion shows how accurate our drawings are when compared to what you actually get. The bed in the walkthrough also helps you to understand the true space you'll have.

On the finished project you may note the room now as an alcove next to the rear door. This was an  adjustment made during the build process as we reviewed the space with the customer.

3D Visual
3D Visual

Loft Bedroom Stairs - 3D vs Actual View From The Dormer

This walkthrough snapshot of the loft conversion staircase shows how accurate our drawings are when compared to what you actually get.

If you would like more information about our 3D walkthrough service for lofts and roof lifts, then drop us a line or give us a call to find out more. We are here to help you.

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