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Loft Boarding & Storage Solutions

Your loft, if not being converted to living roomscan a be great source of valuable storage for the home. We all need space to store our extra items such as Christmas decorations, luggage, and just boxes of stuff we all have. However, easy access, well lit and professionally fitted boards in the  storage space is not something everyone has, but we are here to help.

What is loft storage?

Most lofts can be used for lightweight storage of your personal and homely possessions. However, this requires the loft to be correctly and safely boarded to ensure it is safe, does not reduce your loft insulation, and ensures no structural defects are created as a result of the work. Many so-called loft boarding companies do not understand the structural element of a loft and could cause you significant long-term issues if it's not fitted correctly.


To make good use of your newfound loft storage space, you'll then need quick and easy access. A high-quality loft ladder and hatch, which is correctly fitted, ensures you are not losing valuable heat as a result, which many cheap offer ladders do.


As Milestone Homes & Lofts is a professional loft conversion company, we fully understand everything that is needed to complete a loft storage solution in your home with a full guarantee.


We can offer a wide range of loft storage services including:


  • Loft ladders and hatches, including integrated loft ladders for the easiest and safest access method to your loft

  • Loft boarding on solid timber runners to ensure safety

  • Replacement or additional loft insulation to ensure your bills are lower and your home is kept warm

  • Safety balustrades

  • Velux (and other) roof windows

  • Power and lighting


An inaccessible loft, not safe to be used for storage of anything of value

A loft conversion before converting with modern W or fink trusses.

A well lit, easy accessed loft space, capable of storing your personal items quickly and safely

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