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Protected At Every Stage

We are regulated, so you are protected.

All services provided by Milestone Homes Roof Lifts are done with quality and care. With years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals come together to provide our clients with the loft services they need for their homes.

Regardless of experience, we still regulate and put steps in place to protect you. Here is how you're protected throughout the entire life cycle of your project.

Building Regulations

We must comply with a full set of government building regulations. Every tradesman must comply with these regulations, and they are designed to protect you, the consumer, and give a defined way of working for us. Milestone Homes & Loft Conversions takes this very seriously and works with the local authority to ensure you have full building authorisation sign-off. This is your document that shows that the work has been independently checked, and Milestone has complied with all the appropriate guidelines in the delivery of your new loft conversion.

Staged Payments

By using a staged payment structure, you know you are only paying for what you've received. If anyone asks for large sums of money in advance, be very wary; this means they could leave at any stage with your money. We work with you at every step of the construction process to ensure you're happy and aware of what is happening and the next steps. On completion of that stage, once you're satisfied, you'll only be asked for payment then.

Warranty & Certificates

As well as a building control certificate, you will also get a 10 year structural warranty, and 1 year fitting guarantee.

Find out more about loft conversions and roof lifts?

We offer a full range of roof lift and loft conversion services, meaning that if you’re looking to expand into your loft space you need to look no further. You can contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation site survey which will enable us to give you plenty of ideas of how you can move your extension forward.

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