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What do I need other than a builder to complete a loft conversion successfully?

We are often ask what are all the elements that are required to complete a full loft conversion raised roof lift loft conversion. So here is a quick summary of how we usually structure a project and the elements you'll need to consider for your loft projects.

1) Base Proposal

This base proposal should be a detailed breakdown of everything that is include in your project in as much detail as possible. Our detailed proposal are typically over 10 pages long, breaking down the various elements of the project and the associated specifications. At the initial stage we will assume a number of base materials, but as the project preparation continues, this will be refined until it’s a perfect fit.

2) Architectural Drawings

All project usually require a set of architectural drawings. For loft conversions we strongly recommend having 3D drawing done due the nature o the roof slopes and how this can significantly effect the usable floor space of the lofts. We've seen drawings which suggests the whole loft is usable, but on analysis there is only a small corridor down the middle of the roof you be actually stand up in. We offer full 3D architectural services and it include a 3D virtual walkthrough.

3) Structural Calculations

Most project require some level of structural calculations being completed. These are needed to ensure all the elements of the project are sized and fit for purpose and the end result is structurally sound build. Each project is different, and will require differing level of structural calculations and occasional may require the engineer to visit site and for test to be complete on the existing structure.

4) Planning or a Lawful Development Certificate

Many loft do not require any form of permission in order for the work to be carried, and ca be done under whats know as "Permitted Development Rights" often short handed at 'PD right'. The most common conversion which fall under this bracket are hip to gable conversion and rear dormer loft conversions. Project that normally need planing permission, will usually include one or more of the following changes:

  • Raise ridge height - this means your roof is being made tall then it is currently.

  • One or more dormers on the side or front of the property.

  • If you live in a conservation area (find out more here)

  • Some other change to the front of the house, e.g. formation of a new front porch.

Even if you project does not full planing and falls under Permitted Development Rights, you may still choose to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC). It is not compulsory to have an LDC but there may be times when you need one to confirm that the use, operation or activity named in it is lawful for planning control purposes.

5) Furniture, Fixtures & Finishings

The final part os the fun part, where you get to complete your project and personalise the space to your needs. Most project do not include any of these elements with the proposal, but will include areas such as:

  • Carpeting and other finishing flooring, such a laminate and click vinyl

  • Decorating and tiling

  • Curtain, blinds and other window finishes

  • Furniture or fitted wardrobes

  • And of course some gorgeous wall art to finish off the space

  • Bathroom sanitary ware, including mirror, toilet roll holders, etc

Many suppliers may offer some or all of the above elements, so you'll need to speak to them about what they offer. Currently we offer wide range of finishing services such as tiling & aqua boards or mermaid panels supply and fitting, sanitary ware, finishing flooring except carpets, and many more. Please ask for a full list of options.


As you can see, there are a lot of elements to the delivery your perfect project. This is why we offer a full turn key service, which include all of the items base project, building control officer, architectural drawings, structural calculations and planning permission (or lawful development certificate). We also offer a wide rang of finishing options services, meaning we can deliver your project end to end.

For more information about any of services, contact us today for a friendly chat.


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