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How Much Extra Space Does A Loft Dormer Really Create?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This is probably one of the common questions we get asked. How much extra space will I get by have a dormers, instead of converting within the roof space and putting in Velux Roof windows.

The answer will vary depending on what type of dormer you have, but some most dormers can have a substantial difference in overall useable space and head height.

When ever we offer a loft conversion the first question we ask if do you want a loft dormer. Why? Well the other than the obvious

Before The Loft Conversion

This image was taken before the loft conversion was started. To help we've drawn a vertical white showing the cavity between the chimney left and right side. You will also see this alcove is in the centre of the roof space, which is important when you see the next Images.

Space in the loft before conversion and dormer added

After The Loft Conversion

Once the loft conversion was finished you can now see the difference in usable floor space and height height with the dormer fitted. On the left side, you can see beyond the alcove it is no longer walkable. On the right photograph, you can now see the room opens up creating a large walkable space and also hosting an ensuite with freestanding bath.

Space create by adding a dormer to your loft conversion


Here are some more images inside this loft conversion, showing the space viable with an attic dormer. Plus the floor plan for this property so you can see the sizes and how this might compare to your home.


There a lot a reason why you might consider fitting a dormer, but here are but of the most comment reason.

- More walkable space in your loft

- Can often allow for an ensuite or small office in the loft

- Smaller properties may still get 2 bedrooms with the loft with a dormer.

- Give more options for where the stairs can be located, due to building regulation.

- Allow for large vista windows or French Doors with a Juliet Balcony to be fitted.

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