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Roof Construction

Shell Only or DIY Roof Lift Or Loft Conversion

This type of loft has so many names from partial, to DIY, to self-build, and of course shell only. Know what every term you use, every project you'll be building on building on sturdy foundations.

Having a full turnkey solution delivering everything needed for your roof lift or loft conversion, is not for everyone. We understand this, and we offer a wide range of options and a popular option is the 'Partial' or 'Shell-Only Conversion' loft conversion or raised roof lift conversion . Scroll down to read more information of what you get with a partial/shell only loft conversion.

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What is included in a 'Partial' or 'Shell Only' Conversion

Here is quick summary of what's typically included with shell or partial loft conversion.


As every project is different, and an award winning loft designers, we'll, we know there are endless options. We'll work with you to build the exact package to suit your needs.

Full Support From Start To Finish

Support from day one of your enquiry through to delivery by ourselves, to ensure the solution is correct, fit for purpose and the most cost effective.

Structure Delivered By Specialists

As a specialised and experienced team will complete all of the structural elements and leave you with a finished and water tight roof, including any brickwork.

Fully Guaranteed For Peace Of Mind

You will receive, for the work completed by us and for further peace of mind, a 10 year structural guarantee and 12 month guarantee for all other elements supplied by us.

Full Sign-Off From Building Control

Stage one of the sign off from building control (see building control blog here for more information).

The Building Control Officer will check the structure meets regulations, before then working with you to check the next two stages of the regulations, those being insulation and final finish, e.g. fire regulations and so on.

Custom Made Staircase Fitted

Fitting of a string-only staircase is an option for partial loft conversions. This is a staircase without the handrails, spindles and other decorative furniture. These would normally be fitted at the end of the project to ensure they are not damaged during any remaining general building and plastering work.

Customer & Contractor Support Pack

As well as giving you support, we also supply a support pack of information to be given to your local sub-contractors. This provides what needs to be completed, giving you more confidence that you will have the conversion finished correctly. This also provides you with invaluable information to ensure you get the best from contractors and local suppliers you use.

Get your new attic conversion finished

What components are left to complete your project?

​Now the specialist work has been completed and you have a whole new roof structure, here are some quick help summary of what would be left to do to complete the project.

You can now use a single or multiple local suppliers, to complete the work. For customers in the trade, or keen DIY enthusiasts who only want a partial build, you can now progress the project through to completion.

  • Insulation - Get your home insulated to the set regulations. You'll have all of this explained in the support pack we provide.

  • Utilities - You'll need to get heating, bathroom plumbing and electrics fitted.

  • Internal Framework - You can now fit floor boards, stud walls, plaster boarding and finishing skim

  • Final Fit and Finish - The hard work has been done, you can finish your home just as you want it.  All 2nd fit work, such as doors, skirting, stair handrails, bathroom fitting, and all those finishing touches can now be completed.


Questions and Answers About Shell Only or Partial Loft Conversions and Roof Lifts

Some frequently asked questions about diy, partial or shell only roof lifts and loft conversions. If you can't find the answers to your questions, here, then drop us a line or give us call and we'll happily help you.

What is the cost difference between a full and partial (shell only) loft conversion?

Every project will be different dependant upon a number of key elements about your home, the loft size, the type of roof lift or loft conversion. However, the project shell is typically 70-75% of the full project. So a £50,000 project would be around £35,000 to £37,500 for the shell elements.

Whats included if we choose to have a full loft conversion project?

A full project by Milestone everything you need including:

  • All the base structure

  • Insulation, boarded and skimmed

  • Heating into the loft & electrics

  • Room finished with doors, skirting.

All you have left to do is decorate and carpet.​

Does a shell only loft conversion project work any differently to a full project?

For the vast majority we work exactly the same way,  including staged payments, project planning and guarantee's. The main difference is you or your preferred supplier will need to complete one or more components of the delivery, such as electrical, plumbing and insulation and final finishing. All of them are still checked and verified they meet current regulations and standards by the building control officer.

How do I get a shell only attic or raised roof conversion quote?

We can supply a proposal for full and shell only conversions, for most project. Simply let us know which elements you want to take on, and we'll adjust the quote to this.

Alternatively if you're unsure at the early stages which elements you want to tackle, then we give you an indicative full vs shell only cost.

Can't find the information you are looking for, then drop us line or give us a call and we'll happily help.

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