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Brick Construction

How we complete a roof lift fast

How This Is Different From A Normal Loft Conversion

Roofers at Work

Day 1

Prepare The Roof

In advance of day one, scaffolding will have been placed around your building. So on day one we will prepare your roof for the new roof going on the very next day. We start by stripping back your existing roof removing all:

  • Guttering

  • Fascias and Sofits

  • Ridge & Roof Tiles

  • Slats and Roofing Felt

  • Loft Insulation

Next we’ll deal with any existing chimney stacks, electrics and plumbing, that need modifying in advance of the new roof installation.


When it’s all prepared we then place a temporary cover over the roof to keep it water tight until the following day, as sometimes we’ll get a little rain…

Roof Construction

Day 2

Your New Raised Roof Is Lifted

Day two is the transformation day, when we take off your old roof, and replace it with a brand new spacious roof.

The day starts with part of the team removing all the remaining roof trusses in preparation for your new roof to arrive.

Then in a production line manner, the rest of the team will then commence to install the new roof trusses, one by one. This is done using a large crane and a lot of man power. Typically, around lunchtime, you’ll see a new roof on, ready to to be used. The team will then commence to felt and slat the roof, making it water tight and ready for tiling. Doesn’t sound much, but the transformation is incredible to watch.



Image by Beazy

Day 3 Onwards

Your new loft continues to take shape

Day three, we will now have moved into completing the re-roof and starting the process of turning a bare roof space into a living space. Part of the team will be focused on tiling your new roof, making it weather hardy for decades to come. The rest of the team will be busy installing your new loft Velux windows, preparing the interior of the new loft space and starting any new gables that need building.
Over the course of the next few days, your new roof will be completed, any plumbing and electrics finished. By the end you’ll have a whole new roof, and large space within to turn into a living space of your dreams.

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